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Hi there! I'm a Korean-American storyboard artist. I was most recently working on an upcoming CG animated show for a major streaming network. I was previously on Seth Rogen's new animated TV series Sausage Party: Foodtopia for Amazon Studios and AnimSchool Studios' upcoming MechWest. Before switching to storyboards, I was a final layout artist at Disney's Blue Sky Studios and an undergrad animation generalist program intern at Pixar. I graduated from NYU Tisch in 2010.


My latest independently animated short film One Last Monster is currently touring the international film festival circuit and has picked up over 100+ combined official selections, awards and nominations and was featured in major news outlets such as Forbes, The Korea Times and other media outlets. Foreign Policy Magazine graciously referred to me as a "creative kaiju."  I was even invited to briefly present One Last Monster to the First Lady of South Korea and receive a letter from South Korean President Moon Jae-In later on. 

Outside of animation/film, I'm a big fan of rabbits, running marathons, playing soccer, reading, the Korean language and electric guitars. Not all at the same time though.


For storyboard work, I am represented by Ellen Ann Mersereau, Esq. (323-461-3316 /

For my original work and created IP, I am represented by Andi Terada, Esq. (

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